Brisbane Backflow Device Testing

Need to get your Back flow testing carried out?

Blaze Plumbing & Gas are licensed plumbers that are able to test and install backflow preventers to ensure that any contamination from your supply is not flowing into the local water supply system.

A backflow prevention containment device ensures that the drinking water supplied to Brisbane properties cannot be contaminated by any cross connections from your property.

All properties connected to the Brisbane water supply will need to have a backflow prevention device installed appropriate to the property’s hazard rating set out by the legislation.

Brisbane Backflow testing needs to be regularly carried out to ensure that your property isn’t at risk of contaminating the mains water supply. A faulty backflow preventer can not only cause serious damage to your water supply but can result in leaks and also poor water pressure to your building.

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Examples of potential source of

Examples of properties requiring backflow prevention:

Blaze Plumbing & Gas are licensed and certified to carry out Brisbane backflow testing and all of our plumber have years of experience in backflow prevention. Blaze Plumbing & Gas offers a complete backflow prevention service including installation, audits, backflow testing, backflow servicing and backflow repairs. So if you need to have your backflow device checked give our team of master plumbers a call.

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