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About Backflow Prevention Device Testing on the Gold Coast

At Blaze Plumbing & Gas, we install, test, and repair devices designed for backflow prevention on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas for residential and commercial systems. Fully licensed and certified, Blaze Plumbing & Gas is a company you can rely on for all your backflow device testing and plumbing needs. Backflow prevention devices are also known as backflow preventer valves. We can install, test, and service your backflow prevention device with ease – here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a backflow prevention device

The type of backflow preventer you are required to install depends on its specific intended use. We will ensure that you understand which device you need and why according to industry standards. If you require a building permit for your device installation, we will cover these issues including a professionally completed form 9 which will help guide you in obtaining the proper paperwork and council approvals.

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In the City of Gold Coast, the term “backflow prevention” is used to describe the prevention of reverse water flow from a contaminated or polluted source into a water supply. Backflow is caused by cross connection, a point where drinking water could encounter a polluting substance. This includes piping with access to the water supply, submerged inlets, a connected auxiliary water supply, removable sections, bypass arrangements, or temporary devices. A backflow prevention device can prevent problems by keeping contaminants out of the drinking water supply.

The uses of Backflow prevention devices

Plumbers use backflow prevention devices in numerous applications, including irrigation plumbing and sprinkler systems. Sprinkler backflow preventers keep water in the sprinkler system from contaminating drinking water, and a backflow preventer in an irrigation system will eliminate the backup of water into the water mains. If a backflow prevention device on your property leaks, contact Blaze Plumbing & Gas to diagnose and solve your backflow preventer problems.

Backflow testing on the Gold Coast

It’s essential to keep your backflow preventer working optimally. At Blaze Plumbing & Gas, we can install and test backflow preventers to ensure that no contamination from your supply flows into the local water supply. We provide backflow prevention contamination devices to be sure that no cross-connections from your property contaminate the potable water supply. All properties connected to the local water supply in Brisbane must have the appropriate backflow prevention devices installed. We carry out backflow testing to eliminate the risk of your property contaminating the mains water supply. This testing is essential because a faulty backflow preventer can result in leaks, reduced water pressure, and other damage to your water supply.

Blaze Plumbing & Gas is a member of the Master Plumbers and Master Builders Association. With a combined 30+ years’ of industry experience, we offer quality service and transparent communication at every stage of your project. We pride ourselves on providing fast response times, honest communication, and dependable service. For testing and servicing of your RPZ devices, registered air gaps, testable double check valves and more, contact Blaze Plumbing & Gas today.

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