Blocked Drains

Are your drains backing up? Is there glugging noises occurring in your property? At Blaze Plumbing & Gas, to clear blocked drains we use the latest technology – the High Pressure Water Jetter which is the fastest and most effective method.

Most of the time a blocked drain can be cleared if it’s simply a blockage, sometimes tree roots or subsidence can cause the pipes to crack or collapse, in this case our friendly plumbers can locate precisely where the damage is, even the depth, and inform you on the best way to repair the pipe.

The High Pressure Water Jetter or jet rodder is the best option for clearing a blocked drain efficiently and effectively. It is a powerful tool that can jet blast through any tree roots, debris, and waste build up leaving your drains clear and clean. We can offer you a quick response and a competitive rate to help you get your drains back in good condition.

As well as the Water Jetter, we also use the most innovative technology to diagnose the cause of your blocked drain: the CCTV Drain Camera. Understanding the problem saves you time and unnecessary costs.

Call out rate $60 during office hours

When our Plumbers come to service your blocked drain the first thing we recommend to do is investigate the cause of the blockage. We feed a CCTV drain camera down the pipe and we can clearly see what is causing the problem. The camera eliminates most surprises, allowing us to give you as accurate a quote as possible before commencing any work.

A CCTV drain camera can travel 100 metres (300 feet) down a pipe which is more than enough for the needs of residential dwellings. The footage may even be stored on a DVD or USB for future reference, or if the customer is not at home so you can see the problem for yourself. Storing the footage is great for home owners and real estate agents to have a documented copy of the properties drainage for their records.

The cameras that our local Brisbane plumbers use have a sensor on the tip of the camera, which tells the plumber the exact location of the camera using our locating device and allows us to get to the root of the problem very efficiently. The plumber waves the locating machine over the ground and can mark exactly where the blockage is, which saves you time and money.

So if you need your drains unblocked, we offer the services of an efficient, highly trained plumber who has access to the latest technologies. Give us a call to receive a competitive quote.

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